Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 2018


I have a lot to still learn about life. I mean it, I’m only 23 and yet I feel as though it was just yesterday when I turned 11 facing; life as a youngster, ready to enjoy everything the good or the bad. But look at me, always searching for a meaning to life when really I should just be searching for that meaning within me (my dear soul).

These steps have helped me a little of course there a lot in between the lines to consider however thinking about these 3 ideas have helped.

  1. Try not to worry so much about everything
  2. When you worry a lot of your thoughts might manifest alive
  3. Stay focused on one topic at a time, no one would want to experience self-fulfilling prophecy on a daily basis

In Time All Things Will Fall Into It’s Right Place

If you find that you cannot take the stress anymore, stop ad take a deep breath In and Out (5x). Do this until your heartbeat calm down ^.^

Maybe being honest with yourself everyday and with others about how you feel could help with destressing? I am not always honest, to be honest but I try to be. When I’m not it makes me feel dizzy because I am lying to myself, you know, that’s not what you should do but sometimes I think that people lie to make it easier when really it should be the other way around.

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