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Finding Balance

If you’re juggling too many things, and you drop one, it will break. You will have less things to juggle. My experiences have been similar to the above quote. If you’re reading this and you’ve read my other post about how to decide, you’d know that stress and I do not mix well. That would be why I deem it very difficult to find a balance among all the chaos that life ensues upon us. Of course, we make choices and they lead to the outcomes we end up experiencing but, you know, some times we cannot help it and life throws us into a situation. These situations may become difficult to complete when there are other tasks at hand. Some people thrive in such environments, and I can too. However, when there are too many tasks I give up easily. That was how last summer went, after I began my 2nd placement. Mid way through — I think my brain had a short circuit — I stopped functioning properly. That was about the same …

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton The journey begins with you making the first step and taking a leap of faith into this abyss of a life we were born into. Not knowing what there is to come, some of us come into this world screaming and wailing, others calm and ready to take this world quietly. That is how it all begins, how you choose to journey through it all is in your hands.