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Looking for Reasons Why You Should Take Long Walks

Wanderlust You never know where the journey may take you. That is the vibe I got when I first saw the picture above! Ever since I could remember, I have enjoyed walks. Long walks through any scenery have always been my favorite. Do you believe that walking 10,000 steps a day is crucial for muscle and bone development? I believe in it as it does make sense, that more blood would be circulated throughout the entire body and nothing can feel better than knowing that you’re alive till you feel the heart beating. Same goes to inhaling and exhaling while taking those walks. Long walks can be very refreshing, especially after a tireless and exhausting day. Sometimes I take long walks on whim, other times it is planned and there are times I take walks to clear my mind. Do you every catch yourself going on walks and feeling relaxed at the end? In Autumn, when the leaves have changed colour I usually feel ever more excited to take long walks. The Autumn breeze sends …

The Mediterranean Diet

To be honest there is no perfect diet. It all depends on the individual partaking on the diet and what areas they are specifically targeting. However, recent studies have shown that certain ingredients play a huge role on your consumption and your overall health. Also, Iceland is no longer the number 1 country healthiest country. Guess who made it to number 1? Spain! Most of the foods in the Mediterranean diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, legumes, seafood and poultry. But there is another reason why eating the Mediterranean diet is healthy. The secret: it is all about the herbs and spices! Here are some popular ones: Basil Oregano Parsley Thyme Rosemary Sage Bayleaf Lavender Marjoram Borage I have never had Borage or Lavender with any foods! Personally, my favourite spices are listed above and Cumin, Peppercorn, Turmeric, Garlic, and Ginger. There are a couple more but I cannot seem to list them off the top of my head For more information please check out Readers Digest and Taste of Home